Our American Heroes - Prints


Giclée Prints of Original Art by Gary Casteel


Our American Heroes


Over the years, Gary Casteel, a nationally recognized historical sculptor and painter, has

extensively researched those important individuals of the American Civil War. During this

period he made numerous sketches as reference for future sculptural projects. The style Mr.

Casteel follows is that of a bygone era suggestive of the correspondent artist so prevalent

during the war, artists such as Winslow Homer and Alfred Waud. These sketches were

originally completed in lead pencil or ink on the spot, then “tipped” with white chalk or

watercolor paint to highlight or enhance certain areas of importance. The drawings were then

delivered by courier to the publisher for review. Upon review, engraved plates were produced

and the printed scene was circulated in newspapers and tabloids such as Harper’s Weekly,

across the country, North and South.