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Full Size Commissions

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About Gary Casteel

Nationally recognized sculptor Gary Casteel, born in the hills of West Virginia, has always been fascinated with history and art. In the fourth grade, after seeing a picture of Michelangelo’s David, Gary knew that sculpting was the profession he wished to follow. From the start, he recognized that raw talent was not enough to succeed. Mr. Casteel, while living and working in the United States and abroad, searched for professional sculptors in order to enhance his abilities by apprenticing under the masters.

After entering the national sculpting arena, Gary found that his keen sense of history, talent, and drive for producing pieces in his personal dynamic style would thrust him into the demanding light of success with the Gen. James Longstreet equestrian erected in the Gettysburg National Military Park. Since then, Mr. Casteel's work has become highly regarded and requested by the National Park Service, state and local governments, corporations and private enterprises.

Mr. Casteel was honored in 2000 by the National Civil War Memorial Commission with an invitation to design and sculpt a fitting memorial to honor those events and individuals, civilian and military, during the War Between the States.

Mr. Casteel continues to receive commissions and strives toward maintaining and preserving the American past in sculpture. Gary lives in Gettysburg, PA. and continues to pursue his love and life of sculpting

Mr. Gary Casteel, historical sculptor of The General James Longstreet Memorial at Gettysburg, the controversial President Jefferson Davis and Sons in Biloxi MS, Brothers temporarily on loan to the Virginia State Capital in Richmond, and the most recent monument to the US Colored Troops from Lexington Park Maryland, just a few of his more prominent projects, is available to speak to your group.

Mr. Casteel has often been referred to as a story teller par excellence. His ability to draw the listener into a web of excitement through a story line he creates from experience and the heart, not a hastily prepared page, is well known. His passion for his work, historical art, and preservation are his foremost topics. He speaks regularly to Roundtables, Historical Societies, art teacher’s organizations, civic clubs and gives guided tours of the Gen. James Longstreet Monument at Gettysburg, a monument he sculpted and erected in 1998.

Mr. Casteel’s passion for history and art will prove to engage any audience, and he is available upon request with consideration to scheduling your special speaking engagement.

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Full Size Commissions

Each commission, whether it be for a large memorial or a token of gratitude, demands the same time honored artistic approach of design, project development and creation. Mr. Casteel works very closely with the client to deliver not just a product, but a visionary's culminations of heart and hands.


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Commissions of Note

Dr. Irvin & Joan Karam Foundation Memorial, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Civil War Institute Medallion, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Arthur Hildreth Memorial, Town Hall Center, Mount Jackson, Virginia

Col. Sandie Pendelton Memorial, Woodstock, Virginia

Confederate Hospital Memorial, Mt. Jackson, Virginia

Gen. James Longstreet Memorial, Gettysburg Nat. Military Park, Gettysburg, PA

Webb Riley Memorial, Woodstock, Virginia

Maude Lindsay Memorial, Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Elizabeth Bashinsky Memorial, Tuscaloosa, Alabama

54th Vol. Infantry Monument, Johnstown, Pennsylvania

13th North Carolina Monument, South Mt. Battlefield, Hagerstown, Maryland

Gen. Albert Gallatin Jenkins Monument, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

Gen. Ambrose E. Burnside, Larry and Karen Thompson, West Liberty, Ohio

Kentucky State Memorial, Vicksburg Nat. Battlefield Park, Vicksburg, MS

Gettysburg Remembrance Trust Coin, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

John Potter Memorial, Lexington, Kentucky

National Civil War Memorial (Site to be determined)

Lee County Memorial, Sanford, North Carolina

Rev. Peter Muhlenberg, Woodstock, Virginia

6th MD, Infantry, Pamplin Park, Petersburg, VA

90th Pa. Vol. Inf. Monument, Antietam Nat. Battlefield Park, Sharpsburg, Md.

Confederate POW Monument, Point Lookout, MD

President Jefferson Davis and Sons, Beauvoir, Biloxi, MS

USCT Monument, Lexington Park, MD

Claudius Crozet Monument, VMI, Lexington, VA

Brothers Memorial, Spotsylvania Court House, VA

War Memorial, Jefferson Memorial Cemetery, Pittsburgh, PA

Civil War Musicians Memorial, Gettysburg, PA

Culp Brothers Memorial, Gettysburg, PA

Coal Miners Memorial, Greenville, KY

9-11 Memorial, Greenville, KY

Sisters, Mechanicsburg, PA

John Armstrong, 18th Century Gunsmith, Emmitsburg, MD

WWI Memorial, Carlisle War College, Carlisle PA

Vinny, Thurmont HS, Thurmont, MD.

Outstanding Collections Containing Casteel's Work:

Fredericksburg National Battlefield Park, Fredericksburg, Virginia

Virginia Military Institute Museum, Lexington, Virginia

Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Museum of the Confederacy, Richmond, Virginia

Carlisle War College, Carlisle, Pennsylvania

Fort Donelson National Battlefield Park, Dover, Tennessee

Fort Riley Cavalry Museum, Fort Riley, Kansas

J. Edgar Hoover Building, FBI Center, Washington, DC

Joint Chiefs of Staff Library, The Pentagon, Washington, DC

Pamphlin Corp., Portland, Oregon

President and Mrs. George Bush

Governor and Mrs. Arch Moore, Charleston, West Virginia

Mr. Ken Burns, New York, New York

Mrs. Katie Couric, New York, New York

Governor Christine Todd Whitman, Trenton, New Jersey

Ticonderoga Historical Park Museum, Ticonderoga, New York

US Army War College, Carlisle, Pennsylvania

Monument Preservation and Restoration

Monuments and memorials represent our past, the collective history of our forbearers. Those silent

sentinels in city parks and on the battlefields speak of a different age told through the creative hands of

long ago sculptors. This multitude of artwork, although erected in place for generations into the future, at

times requires a general cleaning or corrective action due to vandalism. Working with local, state and the

national government, Mr. Casteel has and can assist in these measures, whether it be stone or bronze

maintenance and /or detail replacement. Mr. Casteel is available for consultation on any monument

preservation project requiring quality workmanship.


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Fund Raising

Mr. Casteel has assisted many groups and organizations in raising funds.

A few of these are


VMI Keydet Spirit Award: Sculpted for the Keydet Club of the Virginia Military Institute, Lexington, VA. 2004



Gettysburg Remembrance Trust coin: Sculpted for the Gettysburg Remembrance Trust, Gettysburg, PA, 2000.

Coach Jim Phelan: Sculpted for Mount St. Mary's College and Seminary, Emmitsburg, MD, 2004.


13th N.C. monument replica: Sculpted for the N.C. Living History Assoc. Charlotte, NC, 1999.


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General Longstreet - Gettysburg



North Carolina South Mountain Monument


National Civil War Musicians Monument

Commissioned by the Boys Scouts of America

Erected 2017

Unity Park, Gettysburg, Pa.




Lady Liberty

Commissioned by the US Army War College Class of 2017

Erected 2017

Army War College, Carlisle, Pa.




Confederate POW Monument

Commissioned by the PT. Lookout POW Park Committee.

Erected 2008

Point Lookout, Md.



Pres. Jefferson Davis and Sons

Commissioned by the Sons of Confederate Veterans

Erected 2005

Presidential home and library, Biloxi, Ms.



"Vinny " Memorial

Thurmont High School, Thurmont, Md.

Erected 2007

Commissioned by the family and county school system.







Commissioned by the US Army War College Class of 2016.


Erected 2016


Army War College, Carlisle, Pa.








9-11 Memorial


Commissioned by the City of Greenville, Ky.




Greenville, Ky.








Muhlenberg Co. Memorial


Commissioned by Muhlenberg Co., Ky.


Erected 2013


Greenville, Ky.







"Sleeping Drummer"

National Civil War Memorial proj.

Commissioned by the NCWM Commission.


 Peter Muhlenberg statue - Woodstock, VA


Also please view the plaques for the National Civil War Memorial

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