Making of the plaque for Union General G. Warren

Making of the plaque for Union General G. Warren

Posted by Gary Casteel on Nov 6th 2018


Some of you have expressed a interest in the process we go through to to make our monuments and plaques

This is making and molding of Gen. Warrens plaque. The process is basically the same for a monument replica

So here it is, it is a bit picture heavy


The start of making the plaque

Clay is modeled on to a wooden oval board

The completed portrait plaque

The mold making is next

The plaque is placed on the board and the space between the two pieces are filled with a clay strip

The mold box is then built around the plaque and all cracks are filled with a clay filet strip. The corners are cut short in order to save on mold material.

Now the box is leveled as necessary

Then the mold material Is mixed and readied for the pour.

The silicon rubber mixture is slowly poured over the portrait until completely engulfed at least 3/4" deep above the highest point on the portrait.

The mold has been poured and we must allow it to harden or set at least 6 hours

Once the mold has set, we begin taking down the box and cleaning the area.

Cleaned mold allowing to fully harden

After the mold has hardened, box removed, we now slowly remove the rubber mold from the original sculpture.

We now have a silicon rubber mold for casting the plaques.

The original sculpture has been preserved