55th Ohio Inf. Gettysburg Monument Replica

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55th Ohio Inf. Gettysburg Monument Replica

Signed and numbered edition of 1863


Gettysburg Monument Replica Collection, Monument. Cast in stone resin and bonded bronze, complete with all engraved Wording.

Sized at 4.5" x4.5" x 11"

Reproduction Created and Made in the United States by Gary Casteel


The monument is made of Ohio sandstone, the only use of that type of stone at Gettysburg. Unfortunately, the soft stone is weathering heavily. Bronze inscription plates were added in 1989 to replace lettering that had eroded so badly as to be difficult to read.

The 55th Ohio Infantry was commanded at the Battle of Gettysburg by Colonel Charles B. Gambee. It brought 375 men to the field.