27th Connecticut Volunteer Infantry Regiment

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27th Connecticut Volunteer Infantry Regiment

Gettysburg Monument Replica Collection

Cast in stone resin and bonded bronze, complete with all engraved wording.


Crafted and Made in the United States


size 7.75"x7.75"x24.25"

Please see important note at bottom!


The monument is near Ayers Avenue in The Wheatfield


The 27th Connecticut Infantry at Gettysburg

The 27th Connecticut was commanded at the Battle of Gettysburg by Lieutenant Colonel Henry Merwin, a New Haven businessman. He was mortally wounded during the charge across the Wheatfield July 2. Major James H. Coburn then took command.

The 27th Connecticut had been reduced to two companies totaling 75 men at Gettysburg after most of the regiment had been captured at Chancellorsville in May. At Gettysburg it lost a further 10 killed, 23 wounded and 4 missing – a casualty rate of almost 50%.

Raised for nine months service, the survivors of the 27th mustered out at the end of its term three weeks after the battle on July 27.



Important Note:

Due to the Fragility of the figure on the top and breakage we have experienced in shipping, it is shipped in two separate containers.

You will have to glue the figure to the top. Glue and directions are provided.

Make sure the figurine is facing the front of the monument.

Please be careful when handling and assembling.