26 North Carolina at the Angle

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26 North Carolina at the Angle

Gettysburg Monument Replica

Signed and numbered edition of 1863


Gettysburg Monument Replica Collection, Cast in stone resin and bonded bronze, complete with all engraved wording.

Sized at 6.5 x 7.5 x 7

Crafted and Made in the United States

There are two Monuments to the 26th North Carolina Infantry Regiment at Gettysburg. This one is south of town at the Angle.

Both were erected in 1985 by the State of North Carolina. They are identical in appearance but have different inscriptions on their tablets.

The regiment was commanded by Colonel Henry K. Burgwyn, Jr. until he was killed on July 1st. Captain H.C. Albright then took command.

The 26th brought 800 men to the field, with 588 men becoming casualties during the fighting on July 1st. The colors had been shot down fourteen times. Company E was left with twelve men, all but two lightly wounded, and Company F consisted of a single sergeant, Robert Hudspeth.

During the charge on July 3rd 99 more men were lost. Eight more color bearers were killed or wounded. Sergeant Hudspeth and the handful of detached men of Company F he had managed to scrape together all became casualties.

The information from the marker at the Angle may not be accurate. The 26th may not have been in front of Onley’s gun, but rather some ways to the north, in front of the 12th New Jersey. The 26th’s final color bearer of the day, accompanied by a sergeant, carried the 26th’s colors up the slope to the stone wall defended by the Jerseymen, who in respect for their courage held their fire and helped them to safety over the wall.

Since then a dispute has raged between partisans of North Carolina and Virginia over whose charge went farthest on July 3rd. There will probably never be an answer, if one is really needed. But one fact is without question – no regiment on either side at Gettysburg suffered more casualties than the 26th North Carolina.