148th Pennsylvania Infantry

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148th Pennsylvania Infantry Position Marker - Gettysburg, PA.

Signed and numbered edition of 1863

Gettysburg Monument Replica Collection, Monument. Cast in stone resin, complete with all engraved wording.

Sized at 5" X 3" X 6.5"

Crafted and Made in the United States

This marker is a secondary monument which accompanies the primary monument. The marker denotes the position of the regiment's location on July 3, 1863.


The 148th Pennsylvania Infantry served as a member of Cross’ Brigade in Caldwell’s Division of the Second Corps, Army of the Potomac, a Fighting 300 Regiment. The unit was commanded by Colonel Henry Boyd McKeen (1835-1864).


The 148th Pennsylvania Infantry Position Marker is located on the left or west side of South Hancock Avenue is traveling north. The Pennsylvania State Monument looms large and is due north not too far away.


The monument was erected by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in 1901. The monument denotes the regimental location on July 3, 1863. It is composed of a roughly hewn granite featuring the Second Corps trefoil on the front face. The marker is positioned close to the road. The position marker is referenced and described a few times in the NRHP narrative for the primary monument.